They key to enjoying your walk is to make sure that you are kitted out in the correct gear, whether you want to scale your next mountain or enjoy a more casual stroll walking the dogs…Hot Togs products will provide the performance that you need to enjoy it – no matter what the weather brings!

Hot Togs Walking socks

Being avid walkers we know the importance of a good sock and we have tried and tested ours to the maximum to be confident that they are the best. We have paid attention to ensure we use only technical yarn that will provide warmth when needed, wick moisture away and provide cushioning. Our socks feature the following benefits:

– Produced with thermolite yarn, this is a technical yarn that is hollow core and therefore traps the air within the fibre itself, it is mositure wicking, breathable and dries very quickly. For more information on Thermolite please CLICK HERE.

– Loop pile stitching provides padding and comfort for your feet.

– Blister protection

– Arch support and a flat toe seam.

– Ribbing up the length of the sock means that the socks will not fall down inside your boot/shoe but also they do NOT only rely on the top cuff of the sock (as so many socks do!) therefore our socks avoid that dreaded ankle ring.

– Moisture wicking and breathable

– Available in a variety of colours and 3 different styles:

1. Winter proof warm weight – Thermolite walking socks
2. All year round wear – All season socks
3. Long length socks – Knee length socks

Treat your feet with Hot Togs socks!

Thermal leggings and Base Layers

When the weather turns cooler you don’t want to let that stop the enjoyment of getting out and walking, our thermal leggings and base layers provide the layer of warmth you need without restricting your movement. Our Ultra Thermal leggings are designed so that they can be worn on their own for walking or as a base layer – perfect underneath walking trousers or waterproofs. All our leggings & base layers feature the following:

– Brushed inner layer which traps warm air close to the skin, keeping legs warmer for longer.

– Lighweight, unique stretch material.

– A very close fit, designed to fit like a second skin so that you can forget you are wearing them apart from knowing you are warmer and more comfortable!

– Wicking and breathable

– High, comfort waistband to protect your kidneys and lower back.

– Compression aids bloodflow and helps to support your joints.

Available for MEN (Thermal base layer for Men) and for WOMEN (Ultra Thermal Leggings).