The weather can dictate just how much enjoyment you can get from fishing in the Autumn and Winter, it is a much more enjoyable experience if you can stay warm when the temperature drops. The best start is a good thermal base layer – such as our Thermal Base Layer FOR MEN. These leggings are designed to fit close to the skin which is the key to keeping warm, they have a unique 4 way stretch material so that they don’t cause any restriction to your movement and you will hardly notice you’re wearing them – apart from the fact that you’re warmer! They have a fleeced inner layer and they will protect you from the cold and the wine, just pull on your normal trousers or waders over the top and you can enjoy all year round fishing.

Suffering with cold feet? Then we would recommend our thermolite walking socks or our knee length socks for extra warmth up your leg. Both socks are made from Thermolite yarn which is a  technical hollow core fibre, it traps air within the fibre itself to keep you warmer for longer. They even stay warm if you get them wet and they dry very quickly. Our socks are lightly cushioned for comfort but without being too thick – so you can still fit them inside your normal boots/shoes.

Happy Fishing!

Hot Togs Thermals Winter Fishing